Thursday, June 18, 2009

As of late I have been very frustrated with my own training. I have given myself leeway with respect to my diet restrictions but enough is enough. Ever since I met and worked with Aaron Brooks of Perfect Postures I know what it is like to walk with a long even stride, what it feels like to engage and use my upper back, how to truly utilize my core throughout every movement. When you work hard to get somewhere and then suddenly its gone, its frustrating! I have not been blessed with perfect genetics and the ability to do anything at the drop of a hat (unlike some lucky bastards ;) I have had to teach myself and practice. AND if I don't keep up with it, it WILL DISAPPEAR.

Wednesday I had a turning point. I was contacted by yet another kettlebell enthusiast!!!!! This time was a little different... this particular gentleman was deaf and could not speak.

Admittedly I was little nervous. No make that SCARED. I am so dependent on speaking to my clients to explain things and communicate and NO I don't know sign language. The session turned out to be fascinating :))) We communicated on the office whiteboard for 30 minutes and and on pieces of paper throughout the workout. Sidenote: This gentleman has had a hip replacement as well as knee surgery and is just getting back into kettlebell training.

He loves the Bandit Loop's as well as the Ropes Gone Wild and is a follower of BOTH ART OF STRENGTH AND RKC...I LOVED IT!!!!
He expressed his admiration for Anthony Diluglio as well as his sister Staci, Andrea DuCane the kettlebell goddess herself, and STRONGWOMAN Stefanie Tropea :)))))
This gentleman toted around copies of Strength in Motion as well as 100 Kettlebell workouts from Dave Whitley.

The fact that this man has defied the odds and is so happy and into his training was such a reminder to me to BE THANKFUL EVERYDAY.
Ronnie will be in and around the gym until August so look for him!


  1. Wow. As someone who is hearing impaired (but certainly not deaf) I find his dedication very inspiring. Thank you for sharing that with us. Good luck to Ronnie!

    ps - from what I saw of your workout on Wednesday you seem to be back on track!!

  2. That is a cool tale. I would imagine that not having the ability to direct the workout through speech can rally test your coachng ability. I remember teaching emergency response to a group of deaf students and, while challenging, it was one of the best times I had in teaching.


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