Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Special Visitor

Last night Greg Pappas, fellow RKC and SOUTH BOSTON BADASS ;) came to check out my 7pm class. Greg is the RKC I spoke to when I decided to fly to California this year to get my butt kicked by Pavel and the crew.
Greg loved what Kevin and I are doing here at Punch and had some awesome compliments to throw our way. This meant a lot to me because Greg has owned his own business for a long time and been in the industry (almost as long as I've been alive :0) Also he has only seen me whip around the bells not actually instruct clients. I cannot say enough about the network of friends that Kevin and I have amassed since we started in the fitness biz.

Greg promises to return so keep your eye out for a tatooed and pierced Bostonite who loves to train WICKED HAAADSTYLE :)

1 comment:

  1. Just having him come by and visit is a compliment. You guys are builidng a pretty good rep, I would say.



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