Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Two of my boyz ;)

aaron and kevHere are Aaron Horton and Kevin McCarthy this morning 6/10/2009. AWWWWWWWW

Aaron has worked so hard these past six months and here is his story :)

In the middle of December, after three and a half months of training infrequently at Punch (two to three times a week), and after a month of stress eating and even less exercise while completing finals for my first semester of grad school, I weighed 217 pounds. I went back to Denver for a month for winter break and made myself resume regular exercise. When I came back to Boston, I decided that I needed to get serious about working out and about getting into shape. I had talked to Kevin McCarthy a few times about a nutrition plan through the gym and decided that I needed to prove to myself that I could stick with a regular exercise program before I got serious about nutrition. After seven weeks of kettlebell training going to the gym at least 4 days a week, I got Bonnie LeFrak’s email address from Kevin and got the details on her 12 week program. By the time I started the nutrition plan, I had already lost about six pounds and had a body fat percentage of 19.2. After the first month of 4-5 days a week of classes I lost 11 pounds, putting me at 200. My target was initially 195 pounds, but when I added the small group training to my schedule, I hit my target so quickly that I decided to go for 190 lbs. I reached this goal after another six weeks of exercise and nutrition with a body fat percentage of 14. So right now I’m in the maintenance phase, but I still work out every weekday at Punch.

:) This Thursday Aaron is starting on his next journey….

YOGA with yours truly

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