Tuesday, June 16, 2009

SUBJECT: A Proposal, if you are interested…

In the past year I have taken a new look at health and nutrition. Being surrounded by clients and having a network of like minded people has allowed me to improve my health and take matters into my own hands. The majority of clients in our studio share experiences with food choices, recipes, books they have read, great healthy restaurants they have been too, THE LIST GOES ON
Like I always say, our clients are the BEST!
Here is a recent email from my Photog and IT wizard Jessica McDougall

Hey Stacey. There has been a lot of crap happening (health-wise) with my family lately and it’s freaked me the eff out. Are you familiar with Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s Eat to Live (or Eat to Health) plan? I’m going to start it (actually… today I started it) and didn’t know if you had any clients that would be interested in joining me… sometimes strict dietary changes are easier when you do it with someone to do it with so I wanted to throw it out there. I also asked my mother, cousin (Jess) and Krista.

Here is Jess’s message to all of you!

Hey ladies (and gents), with all that has been going on I am convinced, now more than ever, to take measures to try and be as healthy as I can. Nutritionally, I know that I can lose weight, lower my cholesterol (was 279 last september!!!!!) and get rid of my allergies and headaches by focusing on what I eat.I’ve been a long-time reader of Dr. Fuhrman and his Eat-to-Live Eat-for-Health plans. Eat to Live is a lot more strict than Eat to Health but both plans are always followed by impressive success stories — not just weight loss but lowering cholesterol, blood pressure and reducing the risk of heart disease. His plans have helped people eliminate the need for medication.

Both diets focus on veggies, fruit and legumes with very little to no meat and no dairy. Both are low-sodium and low-fat. This plan saves and changes lives. From what I remember (read E2L last year) the emphasis is on:

dark leafy greens
vegetables (specifically cruciferous)
legumes (beans)
nuts & seeds

I am going to focus on doing Eat to Live 80% – 100% of my day. Last summer when I was doing E2L I felt my best, eating:

oatmeal w/berries for breakfast or fruit salad
salad for lunch (my salad was chopped fresh veggies w/hummus or black bean dip as dressing)
salad or smoothie + small dinner (non-E2L or what ever you would normally have). If I ate the salad/smoothie first, then I made a much smaller non-E2L dinner.

The hardest part about this eating plan is that you have to prep and cook. Buying prepared foods are not on the plan because of their high-sodium levels. If you can give up 1/2 hr per night to get the next day’s breakfast & lunch together then you can do this. If you can’t give that time up… well…

************There is no pressure – only opportunity****************


Anyhow…. let me know if you want to join me. I am starting asap. You can join me anytime.

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