Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Recently we have had a lot of questions from ladies on how to do a chin up! I love questions :)

When doing chin ups, master the close underhand neutral grip first. Whether you are using 2 bands for assistance, 1 band or no bands, this is a great set up :)

There are many strategies to get to that first chin up. Topping off my list are negatives. With a negative, you can jump to the chinned UP position, and then try to slowly lower down. We are much stronger using our muscles stretching out (eccentric) as opposed to contracting (concentric).

Once you can do an assisted chin up, here is what to think while training the chin up. (It could even be renamed since you are actually bringing your chest to the bar)

Begin with arms completely straight and keep shoulders away from ears.

Imagine recruiting the big powerful lats as you start to make your way up.

Think about driving your elbows down to your ribcage. Not only does this encourage lat contraction, it’s also A LOT LESS intimidating to imagine driving your elbows down, than it is to imagine pulling yourself up.

The chin up is completed when your chest reaches the bar and your elbows are at the sides of your ribcage.

Sometimes visuals help too :)

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