Monday, June 15, 2009

Home Depot in Dorcester at 10 a.m. is no place for a lady.

Between semi-private training, teaching small group classes and running the gym we don’t get that much time to share the articles, links and what not that we come across, now with my blog I can share all of it with clients and other readers.
Here at Punch we have Nurses, parents, Firefighters, athletes, Lawyers, Stock Trader’s, Grandma’s, small business owners, comedians ;) , high schooler’s…you name it we got it. I love the fact that I can draw on the experiences of these people, as well as their knowledge, and then pass it on to others who can use it. Here’s an example from Angus Davidson, chief of the Belmont fire dept.
Kevin McCarthy is my partner in crime here at Punch; a few weekends ago he completed his Underground Strength Coach Cert with Zach Even-esh. Returning from the Dirty Jersey, Kevin brought back a ton of great stuff on systems, training with odd objects, and the business itself.
So yesterday I went to home depot to buy contractor bags, sand and some duct tape to make sandbags for a fun addition to the gym. (FYI: A TGU with a 75lb sandbag shocks the core in a completely different way than a kettlebell does!)
Here’s some video of Kevin down in jersey doing some sandbag training- next week I’ll be posting a video of some of the strongest ladies here at Punch incorporating sandbag exercises into a strength routine :)

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