Tuesday, June 16, 2009


As trainers, instructors, and coaches, we often think that we can solve ANY problem. Guess what? WE CAN’T.

We can be go-to gal/guy for our specialty, but we have to leave the rest to the experts and REFER OUT.

However this doesn’t just let us off the hook. We need to seek out the experts. I will devote future posts to some of our favorite experts here on my blog.

From the start of our studio Kevin and I wanted more for our clients. We wanted to form a community, a place to TRAIN not just “workout”. We wanted to know what people where doing on the days that we weren’t training them, so that they could progress instead of stagnate. Alright maybe we are control freaks!

We also wanted our studio to be the place that people wanted to go when they weren’t at work or at home with their family or friends. Slowly but surely…we are!

Now that we are in control of the workouts, we can see who works on their nutrition and who does not! In the grand scheme of things EXERCISE IS EASY …NUTRITION IS HARD. If you are putting in the time at the gym you owe it to your body to take a closer look at what you are eating :)

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